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Best Of Grow LED OS 630B-Foldable LED -8 bars-630W

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Best Of Grow Foldable LED Grow Light LED OS 630B-Foldable LED -8 bars-630W

By focusing its mission on continual consistency, Best of Grow is at the forefront of crop cultivation, extraction and production Foldable LED Grow Light Top Lighting by controlling their manufacturing process from start to finish. They have been able to achieve their goal of delivering consistent products to the market by investing in research, technology and focusing on operations efficiencies to increase crop yields and potency while reducing operating costs.

  • Light system special for seedlings, flowers and Indoor plants etc.
  • For vegetation and bloom growth stages of plants.
  • Offers PPF up to 1535/1780 μmol per second, with a lighting efficacy of 2.3/2.7 μmol/J.
  • Certified with the ETL Mark and IP66 Rating.
  • Long life time: L90: >54,000hrs.
  • With bracket, adjustable cable for mounting hardware.
  • The 0-10V Dimming function can be added separately with extra cost.


Light Source LED
PPF 1780 μmol/s
Input Power 660W
Efficacy 2.7 μmol/J
Input Voltage Autosensing 110-277V/ 277-480V
Dimensions L46.7"xW40"xH5.4"
Weight 19kg/41.9lb


Smart Control

  • These fixtures can be controlled centrally by our Smart controller.
  • This replaces the often cumbersome installation with contactors and clocks, adds safety features such as automatic dimming of your lights at high temperatures and even a safety shutdown

High-quality LEDs

  • OSRAM LEDs are adopted 8 pcs LED bars and the whole unit is 660W.
  • ETL Listed.

BOG LED spectrum

Easy Installation

The method of Foldable LED Grow Light installation can be customized according to different Hydroponics requirements


Customer Reviews

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I have the opportunity working in a hydroponic store and growing first hand to try numerous types of LED grow lights from(Gavita,LUXX,Growbeast,Nanolux,Marshydro just to name a few) The BestofGrow OS 630B LED has stood out on build quality,price,output,quad yields and has options to upgrade along with Amazing customer service, I know what lights I will be telling my customers about first!!