"We provide highly efficient and affordable products and services for everyone who wants to grow plants." 
Best of Grow's Mission
     Although Best of Grow is a newly launched brand, the entrepreneur team is equipped with sound planting related business experiences. The founder, Scot, has gone deep into the electronic industry for more than 15 years. While he and his partners were searching for an integrated solution of indoor planting, they realized that existing products in the marketplace were far from satisfying in terms of stability and effectiveness. Therefore, they went deep in the supply chain, which covers R&D, manufacturing, quality, environment friendly and accessories selection, and kept improving and perfecting the products. Meanwhile, they maintained the costs exceptionally strict. This resulted in Best of Grow - the most efficient and affordable option for customers looking for plantation tools.
    Everybody loves growing plants. Growing plants brings vast economic value and beautiful life experience. Looking at fruit trees growing in the backyard, smelling healthy blooming indoor flowers, and tasting self-cultivated organic vegetables, brings a wonderful delight to everybody. Growing industrial crops also brings substantial returns and makes professional growers appreciating and achieving financial success.
    Albeit, it is not an easy job to grow indoor. As a grower, you need much knowledge about plants themselves as well as farming equipment. If you are a casual grower, you need merely installable and efficient maintenance equipment. Whereas, if you want to grow for profit, you need much more powerful tools with less costly sustaining and high-quality after-sales services.
    If you are struggling with options, remember that the BOG HE series and LED series never fail you. One great feature of Best of Grow product is its much-integrated design, which reduces on-site installation work and makes everything easier. Another one is that “Best of Grow” has done a great job in developing spectrum designing in order to make grow lights suit the needs of plants and achieve higher efficiency.
    Best of Grow is not only emphasizing profit but also is enthusiastic about gardening. Scot and his partner are willing and ready to share every piece of fantastic products and knowledge about artificial lights, cultivation, and other gardening gadgets.
     Just as stated in its mission, Best of Grow is dedicated to providing highly efficient and affordable products and services for everyone passionate about growing. We will put our promise as an undoubted priority, offering our customers 90-day refund protection to become an accountable customer brand.
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