Why LED? Five reasons that you and your cannabis may love Best of Grow!

Why LED? Five reasons that you and your cannabis may love Best of Grow!

With LED technology rising rapidly in recent years, more and more growers are looking at LED for their operations.

We all know that LEDs will bring more than a few economic benefits, but it is not our topic today. I want to focus on a more important thing: Why LEDs, to be specific Best of Grow, are good to your plants and why it is even better than traditional bulbs?

Our textbooks taught us that all the plants need light to do photosynthesis, to be specific, plants absorb blue and red lights. That is why leaves look green, plants do not need green light, so they reflect it. Although the light from LEDs looks quite different with natural light (the light may be red or purple), LEDs are more efficient than traditional bulbs.

As many cannabis growers have found out over the history, even the sun needs some help from time to time. It is estimated that nearly half of the solar energy is blocked by greenhouse before it reaches to plants. In areas with long dark winters and short summers like northern states and Canada, it is very critical to provide enough light to cannabis.

Modern cannabis growers are lucky as they have plenty of light sources to choose from, but LEDs may be the best. Our LED – Best of Grow OS630B can provide enough red and blue lights that cannabis need (and they are adjustable, not only the color, but also the intensity). It is advanced enough to come with controllers to help growers to set the light easily and safely.

LEDs are cool, I mean, they are really “cool”. Compare to the traditional bulbs, Best of Grow produces much less heat, which can be a big advantage as you do not need to install extra cooling system in your greenhouse. This might be a bigger advantage if you live in a warmer climate. Combined with AC, you can have a fully control of the temperature in your greenhouse.

Like humans, cannabis may not like heat either. Best of Grow’s cool light have less stress on your plants. Unlike the traditional bulbs, you can move your light sources much closer to your plant without any negative effects, I mean very very close. Higher light intensity translates to higher yields!

Heat brings more troubles than you thought, for instance, water. Traditional bulbs require not only extra cooling systems, but also a frequent watering schedule. With less heat produced by LEDs, the soil will stay moist for longer, thus reducing the amount of water your plants need. Remember to adjust your water schedule if you switch from traditional bulbs to Best of Grow, or you might overwater your ladies.

Less water also leads to less nutrients. When you water your cannabis, you normally do so with an infusion of nutrients. If you water less, it is obvious that you need less nutrients than you did before. In addition to some nice savings on nutrients, the less-frequent watering and feeding schedule will also decrease nutrient buildup, so there’s a lower risk of nutrient lockout and plant deficiencies.

You see, with the help of Best of Grow LED OS630B, you can have a more precise control of the environment in your greenhouse with less efforts. More importantly, your cannabis will welcome this change as well.

Of course, there are plenty reasons why you should turn to Best of Grow at this moment, for LEDs are famous for saving energy and protecting environment. Well, this is a story for the next time.

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