Like your cannabis, you will love Best of Grow!

Like your cannabis, you will love Best of Grow!

As we talked about last time, your cannabis will like Best of Grow, for it can provide what your cannabis needs and save your efforts. However, LEDs like Best of Grow can bring some other huge advantages – saving energy, saving money and beyond.


Although LED is the latest technology introduced to the market, it has demonstrated its potentials and success. It is known as one of the best energy-saving technologies. Based on the data from Energy Department of US, LEDs have higher energy efficiency. Intuitively, the input power of Best of Grow OS 660A and OS 630B are 630W. To have same light intensity, you will need 3150W high pressure sodium (HPS) lights if you insist to use them. If you take lifetime into consideration, the difference will be even bigger. According to the data from Energy Department of US again, the average bulb life is 1000 hours or less, while the lifetime of Best of Grow products can be as long as 50,000 hours!


It is true that LEDs from Best of Grow can be considered expensive than HPS, but it is much more cost-effective in the long term. Not alone you need less ACs to cool down your greenhouse as Best of Grow produce less heat. You can clearly see the differences when comparing two of the HPS room to Best of Grow room below:



Best of Grow




Electrical Reheat



Plug Loads









                                   Total power (kWh) use: HPS vs Best of Grow

Anyway, I leave the rest of this math problem to you; I believe you will make the right choice.


Saving energy means a lot to you, it means a lot to our planet as well. Joe Biden has repeated many times that US will fucus on energy saving and environment protecting, which means LED may play a more important role in the future. Based on the estimate from US Energy Department, by 2027, widespread of LEDs could save as much as 348 TWh of power, it equals to 44 large power plants. To encourage people updating their lighting systems, federal government and states governments have various incentives. The Governments in Canada also have similar policies. Though the governments are focusing improving residential power efficiency, they began to pay more attention on industrial levels. We may see more incentives targeting industries with high power consumption like cannabis.


President Biden’s manifesto to saving energy will also lead to another thing – the further development of LED technology. This technology is very young, and it is still growing! LEDs can be more energy efficient and be more convenient. Like Best of Grow, LEDs are advancing in recent years. As you have noticed, Best of Grow units come with controllers, which allow you to run your cannabis greenhouse more efficiently and effectively, for example, these controllers can help you to simulate sunrise and sunset. However, Best of Grow LEDs may have a closer connection with internet, which will enable you to have full control of your greenhouse remotely and easily. Not alone some physicists have put up an idea of Li-Fi, which is a light-based Wi-Fi, by using which, internet can reach every corner of your greenhouse. Exciting, huh? The future beckons to us.


For a long time, the farmers and growers in North America are famous for embracing the latest technologies, for technologies can get the jobs done efficiently. Now, cannabis growers as well as many other growers are standing at the cross again. Embracing Best of Grow will lead to a path of saving money and saving energy, not alone the numerous potentials await.

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