How to select a new suitable LED grow light?

How to select a new suitable LED grow light?
It's essential for a grower to select a suitable grow light, which not only enlarge the yield, but also save money and time.  There are so many brands in the market. Here are some tips for growers to search for the proper item.
  1. Spectral ratio suitable for plant photosynthesis

A professional plant light supplement system must first have a spectrum ratio suitable for plant photosynthesis. For plants, light with a spectrum in the 300-800nm ​​band can be used by plants for photosynthesis. The unit to measure this band is also We call it PPF (Photosynthetic Photon Flux). The red light and blue light play a pivotal role in photosynthesis. Of course, green light and other wavelengths also have a supplementary effect on plants.

LED spectrum

  1. The impact of PPF

Secondly, for the same light supplement product, the more A high PPF output means that more photosynthetic photons are absorbed by plants, that is to say, the higher the PPF value, the more conducive to the photosynthesis of plants, but for a product, the efficiency index directly reflects the technical level of a product. That is, how much PPF (μmol/W) can be produced by an average of 1W of electrical energy. Under the same power condition, the higher the efficiency, the higher the PPF. For example, two products are 660W, one PPF is 1700umol, and the other is 1600umol. The efficiencies are 2.58umol/W and 2.42umol/W, so the first product produces more PPF for photosynthesis of plants under the same power consumption conditions. In theory, its planting efficiency is also higher. Of course The level of this efficiency can be adjusted through the design of the spectrum.

  1. Good light decay maintenance rate

The light decay maintenance rate of a high-quality LED product can still reach 90% of the initial state after 50,000 hours

  1. Product warranty

The life cycle of a good LED product can be 5 years. Actually the lifecycle of LED can be beyond the limitation. However, it really depends on the work circumstance.

  1. Service

A good product requires a professional technical team to provide customers with professional lighting design solutions, while providing high-quality pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales services.

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